About us

“Total openness to serving others is our hallmark, it alone is our title of honour.”

-Pope Francis

Being independently family owned and operated, we honour ourselves by offering a personal, dignified and respectful farewell of your loved one. It is our privilege to come along side you and assist in arranging a beautiful farewell.

SERVING WITH OUR HEARTS ~ One of Australia’s most sincere Funeral Directors


Sincere Funerals is an Australian owned and family operated funeral home in Sydney and is proud to be serving families of different denominations throughout New South Wales.

We as reputable Funeral Directors taking pride in the unique and distinctive quality of service, we provide to grieving families. We pride ourselves on the optimum care and decency required by us. Compassionate professional funeral directors to assist and support our families of all faiths, religions, beliefs and cultural backgrounds during these sensitive, difficult and sad times.

We, Sincere Funerals, are here to assist you with the necessary support and guidance required to farewell your loved one in a memorable way.  We take the time to meet and discuss with you, family/friends, the arrangements required for the preparation of the Funeral service which can be individually tailored to your liking, to suit your preference and personal convenience.

As funeral directors, our aims are to provide you with comfort, support and walk you through this tough journey by conducting a service of farewell full of warm memories and that is true to your loved one’s style and nature of character.

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