On initially losing a loved one many people react differently. There is no right or wrong way of feeling at time like this, and a lot of it is out of our control, as feelings and emotions can truly take over. Feelings of numbness are common, as one might go into shock over the tragic news. Some people feel like they are in a daze, and are not even able to speak. Many mixed emotions, thoughts and feelings of anger, sadness, fear, worry and despair can overwhelm people at this point. It is vital to understand that this is all normal at a time of loss, and it is part of the grieving process. In some cases where loss was sudden, people are thrust into grief and the heartache can seem unbearable. Please know that we are deeply sensitive and tentative to your emotional needs at time like this. We strongly suggest that if you or someone you know is suffering and struggling with grief that they contact the following organisation in the link below…

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement


Helping our families get through difficult times

When grieving it is important to have strong social support in order to help cope with loss. When one is grieving they will need to talk about things with someone that is trained in the area of bereavement. Below are different organisations that may assist you, or your loved ones in moments of grief. These are trusted Australian organisations that have been doing immense work in helping our communities in difficult times.


In the unfortunate and tragic case of suicide it is important to get professional help. Many families suffer the effects of this grief in an isolated manner, but this should never be the case. We want to ensure that families bereaved by suicide are cared for and attended to. Below are some very helpful organisations…