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No Attendance Cremation

No Service No Attendance Direct Cremation service –$1,890

cremation service

cremation service



The No Service No Attendance Direct Cremation package is for those requiring a low cost cremation with no service, no viewing and no attendance at the crematorium.

The package includes:

  • Transfer of your loved one into our care.
  • Medical Practitioner and Certified Cremation Permit.
  • Eco Coffin
  • Cremation fees at our Crematorium. **Other Crematorium preferences incur an extra charge.
  • Registration of Death Certificate with Death, Birth & Marriages.
  • Original Death Certificate.
  • Standard Ashes Urn.
  • Pickup of Ashes from our Office. **Local Delivery can be made available.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation, or No Service No Attendance cremation, are one and the same. It’s a cremation where there is no service and it is conducted in a Private Crematorium.
When a family engage the services of Sincere Funerals, we will transfer your loved one, arrange the appropriate medical documentation in line with legislation and then arrange for the cremation to take place at the crematorium. Your loved one is transported in an eco friendly coffin as per NSW Health department guidelines and after the cremation is conducted, we arrange to return the ashes to you at either by hand delivery, collection from our offices (By appointment), or we can arrange for the ashes to returned via Registered Australia Post services.

At the return of the ashes many people celebrate the life of the their loved one who passed in their own special way. Through memorials, such as private chapel service, outdoor/waterview memorial service or even in the comfort of your own home.

You may be asking yourself, why people choose a No Service No Attendance direct cremation? In today’s society, we all have a diverse sense of belief whether it be religious or non-religious , cultural, traditional , others are more budget conscious and simply can’t justify the expenses incurred with funeral services, and there are simply times the deceased wishes are purely simple whatever the reason maybe, Sincere Funerals are here to assist you.

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