Planning Ahead

Ensuring Memories Live On

Not many people are aware that it is possible to plan your funeral in advance. When one takes on the beautiful task of arranging their own funeral, they do so knowing that it ensures that their final and meaningful wishes are recorded. It also alleviates the burden that falls on their loved ones at the time of loss.

Planning ahead is an act of love.

pre arranged

A Pre-Arranged Funeral is where you have the opportunity to share with a us your hearts desire for you own final farewell. We sit with you and carefully plan out the details and record these wishes and preferences for future reference. No formal agreement is entered into for this specific funeral. It will then be the responsibility of your family or friends or chosen person, to make arrangement for the funeral. Discussing your Pre-Arranged funeral plan with us is free of cost. It is simply a way of making sure that your views and your wishes are recorded and adhered to.

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pre arranged and prepaid funeral

Leaving your loved ones with no more to pay and knowing your final wishes is a act of love and care towards them. Having a pre arranged and pre paid funeral plan will give your loved ones much needed respite at a time of sorrow.

A Pre – Paid funeral plan allows you to decide now what you want regarding your funeral and also pay at today’s price as the cost is fixed forever.

Your pre-payment is securely lodged with a recognised funeral funds manager In a Trust account. When you arrange your prepaid funeral with us, we will see to it that your wishes are passed on to your nominated person, and we will assist them in making the preparations. Sitting with us to plan your pre paid funeral is free of cost.

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