Funeral Planning

Planning a Funeral – How much does the cremation cost?

Religious Services

We conduct Cremation funeral services for any religious denomination. Whether you are a Christian, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, Greek Orthodox or any other belief, we offer help to the needs of everyone.

We understand and regard that each ceremony is equally important because Australia is culturally very diverse, we are well aware that we need to cater for and respect the needs of each and every culture as well as the racial group by offering affordable cremation services to arrange a budget cremation in Sydney or burial in Metropolitan Area, Greater Sydney District, Central Coast Sydney.

Non-religious services

We respect that your loved one may not have been religious, but you will still want to celebrate their life. The celebration of birth and a farewell during death has nothing to do with religion, it’s just humanity. It is a universal tradition that is used around the world and we offer budget funerals in Sydney. We know that cremation funeral services can be catered to anyone’s needs, whatever their belief system may be. We are here to help you in providing you with comfortable Burial services and cheap Funeral services in SydneyCheap Cremations in Sydney, Metropolitan Area, Greater Sydney District, and Central Coast area.

Burial or Cremation?

We know that choosing whether your loved one should be buried or cremated if they haven’t stated their wishes is a personal one. We can assist you in making the decision for your loved one and if pre-planned, we are ready to assist you with any questions or queries to ensure that the Cremation burial process is streamlined.


Embalming involves cleansing a body and preserving it for a funeral or other cremation services.

Embalming is not necessary for all Cremation or Burial in Sydney. The following situations need embalming: when a body is buried above ground or when a body needs to be transported overseas.

We offer full immortalizing and temporary preservations of the body for your funeral service and this can be arranged by just calling us or meeting with one of our funeral assistants.

Traditional or Contemporary services

We are open to any of your requests or needs, whether it is a traditional cremation funeral service in a church of your choice, a quiet but present-day chapel service close to the gravesite or an environmentally friendly service and a tree-planting ceremony near the grave of your loved ones.


Viewing is a special time for the family, friends and near and dear ones to pay their respects and farewells before the cremation or burial funeral service is conducted. Holding a viewing is a valuable experience and is traditionally practiced in many cultures and religions. We acknowledge that viewing may be different for certain religions and cultures, so we can satisfy your needs, or discuss any requirements you may have.

Sincere Funerals guarantee you the best attention in arranging and conducting the most special Budget cremation funeral services or burial services whether in the Sydney, Metropolitan Area, Greater Sydney District and Central Coast of your loved one.


A Pre-Arranged Funeral is where a client may share with a Funeral Director their choice for a type and style of a cheap Cremation funeral services in Sydney. Further, the Funeral Director may record these preferences for future reference, but no formal agreement is entered into for that specific funeral and exactly informs you how much cremation costs. It will be the responsibility of the client’s family or executor to make arrangements for the funeral and to pay for it at the time of the Cremation burial service whether it is in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Greater Sydney District and Central Coast area. Discussing your Pre-Arranged funeral plan with Sincere Funerals is free of cost or to know exactly how much does cremation cost.


A Pre – Paid funeral plan allows you to decide now what you want regarding your funeral and also pay at today’s price. The cost is fixed forever.