Compare the cost of a Prepaid Funeral vs Funeral Insurance

“A prepaid funeral can save you money!”

Planning for your future

A prepaid funeral plan with Sincere Funerals not only removes the stress and financial burden from families and loved ones, but it could also save you money. The online calculator for your convenience lets you compare the cost of a prepaid funeral plan against a funeral insurance policy in a few easy steps.

Sincere Funerals – Prepaid funeral bonds are provided by Australian Friendly Society for more information.

Please note: Sincere Funerals does not offer any financial advice. See a financial planner to assist you decide on the suitable option for you.


Reasons a Prepaid Funeral Could Save You Money

1. Locking in costs at today’s prices – it’s a fixed price funeral and you avoid rising costs.
2. No ongoing payments – once paid in full there are no other costs.
3. Pay in instalments or upfront – you don’t need to have the full sum available today.

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Compare the cost in 4 easy steps with our simple calculator tool.