Arranging a Funeral Service

There are a many things that must be taken into account when arranging a funeral service. Below we have listed some things to think about. Our staff can guide you through this process.

When death occurs it can be a very confusing moment. We are here to assist you, and calmly walk you through every step of the way. Our staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to give you the support you need, and to explain what choices you need to make next. Call us on 1300300077. Below we have some helpful information.

If your loved one dies unexpectedly your first phone call should be to 000. The police will have to confirm that the death was of natural causes before a Doctor can issue a Medical Cause of Death Certificate. Once this certificate is obtained then you can contact your funeral director to transfer your loved one into their care and commence the funeral proceedings.

If the police findings are that the death was of unknown or unnatural causes they may refer the matter to the coroner. Your loved one will then be transferred to the coroners for further investigation into the cause of death. At this point you may call your funeral director who will liaise with the coroners.

If you were expecting your loved one to die at home, call their treating Doctor or palliative care nurse. They will come and assess, in order to verify the death. Once verified, they will sign a certificate to confirm the death. In the meantime you can call your funeral director to be on standby, so that once the certificate is signed by the doctor, the funeral director can transfer your loved one into their care. 

In the case of a loved one passing away in a nursing home, aged care, hospital or hospice, the staff will organise for the paperwork to be issued. Upon death, you can immediately call your funeral director so they can liaise with the facility and organise the transfer of your loved one. As your funeral directors we will keep you informed at all times regarding your loved one, for your peace of mind.

This is where our role as funeral directors is to facilitate a smooth funeral arrangement experience for you, in order to alleviate you from an already challenging and sometimes stressful situation. As your funeral directors we will organise a time and place that best suits you in order to meet with you and go over all the requirements and options for a funeral service.

Similar to planning any event milestone, there are many aspects to planning a funeral. You may have an idea of what you would like the funeral to look and feel like, or you may know what your loved ones wishes were. Once we meet with you, we can go through your questions, needs and selections and work together to create the most fitting farewell, and celebration of their life.

*Call 1300 300 077 to get in contact with the Sincere Funerals team.
*Have important information at hand –  As there will be administrative documents to fill out, it would be necessary to have the deceased’s personal details such as place of passing, date of birth and date of death, ID’s such as Drivers license, medicare or pension card ready for you appointment with us. If a member of the family will be signing as next of kin, it is also important to have their ID’s and details ready.
*Have important documentation at hand – such as Cemetery preowned grave details, insurances, pre planned and pre paid funeral contract, and wills.
*Selected clothing for the deceased – This is a very personal choice, there isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to clothing selection. Simply put it is a personal and sentimental preference. Some people may have pre selected their garments, others will have their family choose for them. In some cases there are cultural and traditional garments that must be worn by the deceased. We take deep pride and care when dressing a deceased in their final garment, as this is done in honour and reverence.  

Your Choices

When arranging a funeral service we offer other additional services that can help enhance the funeral experience and create a very special and memorable farewell. These creative and distinguished touches come together as a cherished reflection of a loved one. If you have an idea of something you would like to have at the funeral service, our team is always ready to make it happen as we know the significance of these sentimental touches.


On the day of the funeral you may feel lost in your feelings, clouding your ability to observe and remember poignant and beautiful endearing moments. During this time, discreet and skilled professional funeral photography can help capture deeply significant images, that you would want to cherish and look back on.


Flowers play a prominent aesthetic role in funerals. Offering comfort through beauty during a somber occasion. Flowers are like natures solace, helping us to silently yet visually convey and express our love for the deceased. Carefully selected and arranged flowers help to soften and adorn.


Music at a funeral is a language that transcends words to touch the deepest recesses of the heart and soul. Music can help us weave through the moments of grief and remembrance, and helps us express our love when words fall short. Music evokes contemplation and gives us a space in which we can find peace and even closure.


Photos displayed at a funeral serve as a tribute and remembrance and allows the attendees to reflect on the life of the deceased. Photos offer a glimpse into the deceased achievements, meaningful relationships, and their journey in life. They help tell the story of the different stages of a loved ones life, their personality and their legacy.


A Celebrants role in a funeral is to create a meaningful and personalised farewell. They work closely with the bereaved family in order to craft a ceremony that reflects the unique life and personality of the deceased. They have an expertise in fostering a sense of unity and support to mourners and they professionally put together a run sheet for a smooth funeral service.

Live Streaming

Live streaming at funerals is especially beneficial where not all attendees can be physically present. It is convenient for those family and friends that live abroad or interstate. It makes the funeral experience more inclusive as it allows people with physical disabilities, health issues and the elderly to be a part of the farewell.

Unique Venue

Unique funeral venues offer a departure from the traditional settings and can help create a distinctive and memorable farewell for the deceased. Outdoor locations, historical sites, beaches, places of interest or even a local club that the deceased frequently visited are just some of the options that can help celebrate the individual in a creative and personalised way.

Dove Release

A dove release at a funeral is a symbolic and unforgettable gesture that carries deep meaning. Doves are often seen as a symbol of peace, love and hope. Releasing them is a way to symbolise the release of the spirit of the departed, and their journey to a better place. The dove release is often a beautiful moment for capturing in photography and video.

Printed Matter

Printed matter refers to many forms of printed material that is handed out to attendees at the funeral. Bookmarks, memorial booklets, Funeral programs, order of service, guest condolence book are just some of the printed documents designed to personalise a funeral service.

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