Pre Arranged & Pre Paid Funerals

Pre Arranging One’s Own Funeral 

Pre arranging can offer several benefits:

Firstly it can offer peace of mind. Pre arranging one’s own funeral allows the individual to make important decisions about their funeral while they are alive and in a calm state of mind. This can help to alleviate uncertainty and stress for the individual and especially for their loved ones when the time comes.

It also enables individuals to personalise their funeral, specifying their personal preferences for services, such as Burial or Cremation, caskets, coffin or urn, location and selected individuals that will be a part of the ceremony. Individuals may even select other details, such as flowers, photos, final clothing and music. This ensures that all their wishes are respected and carried out.

When funerals are pre arranged it is known to reduce family burden and eliminates the possibility of having family disputes. Pre arranging one’s funeral can prevent disagreements amongst family members that could otherwise cause a heavier emotional toll than what is already an emotionally challenging time of grief and loss.


Pre Paid Funerals
Similarly to the on going rise in cost of daily living, funeral expenses tend to rise over time. Pre arranging and pre paying a funeral can lock in today’s prices, potentially saving money in the long run.

This can help ease the financial burden on surviving family members, granting them much needed respite at a time of sorrow. It is a gesture of love to have one’s final farewell finalised.

When you arrange your pre paid funeral with Sincere Funerals, your payment is securely lodged with a recognised funeral funds manager in a trust account. For further information about our nominated funeral fund company please see the below product disclosure statement.