Sympathy Flowers Sydney

Ivory & Beige Sympathy Flowers + Mona Ceramic Vase

This breathtaking large ivory and natural dry flower arrangement is a symphony of earthy elegance. In this exquisite creation that emanates purity and sovereignty, there is calmness to be found. This is the perfect charming arrangement to send to a bereaved family in honour of the angelic soul of their dearly departed. Standing over a metre tall, it is a substantially extra large arrangement. This head turning sympathy flowers arrangement can grace a home or be lovingly and prominently displayed at a funeral service.  

Priced at $320 Mona ceramic vase included

Ivory & Beige Flowers + Palina Gold Pedestal Vase

A mesmerising display of multiple layers and textures of soft white, ivory and natural hues that capture the essence of timeless grace and the serenity of the natural world. This sympathy flowers arrangement serves as a captivating focal point, infusing any space with a sense of refined simplicity and serene allure.

Priced at $89.95 Palina gold pedestal vase included
sympathy flowers sydney

Green & Ivory Flowers + Gold GlobeVase

An enchanting tableau unfolds in the form of a green and ivory dry floral arrangement nestled within a resplendent gold globe vase. In this captivating display of verdant green and mossy hues against delicate ivory accents we find a sense of tranquility and opulence. This green and gold beauty makes for a radiant centrepiece to adorn any space or to be given as a sympathy flowers gift. 

Priced at $200 Gold globe vase included   
sympathy flowers sydney

Antique Pink Flowers + Gold GlobeVase

A captivating embodiment of old world charm and timeless beauty is this antique pink dry floral arrangement. The arrangement boasts dusty pink with an air of faded elegance, reminiscent of a bygone era. Its romantic and delicate subtle hues evokes nostalgia, refinement, akin to an heirloom piece. The gold globe vase adds a touch of luxury and opulence making this dry floral arrangement the perfect selection as a sympathy gift that transports the beholder to a time of elegance and grace, a time to be cherished and remembered.

Priced at $200 Gold globe vase included  

Blush Pink & Marine Blue Dry Flowers + GlassVase

A harmonious fusion of delicate romance and deep oceanic allure, this enchanting display of blush pink and marine blue strikes the perfect balance of gentleness and strength. This captivating interplay of colours is brought to life within an elegant glass vase, adorned with a soft rose coloured tulle bow. This sympathy flowers arrangement is a stunning centrepiece that evokes both tranquility and passion. A perfect and memorable sympathy floral gift that will delight the senses.

Priced at $130 Glass vase included

sympathy flowers

Pastel Pink & Beige Dry Flowers + GlassVase

A delicate pastel pink and beige arrangement gracefully nestled in a beautiful elegant glass teardrop shaped vase. The pastel palette reveals a sense of serenity, calm and a romantic aura. This sympathy flowers arrangement exudes harmony, love and admiration. Wrapped in a luxurious ribbon, this arrangement is a beautiful gesture of sentiment and sophistication.

Priced at $130 glass vase included