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Cremation Service

Cremation is a method of final disposition of a dead body through burning

Sincere Funerals offers all cremation and memorial services you need.


Our compassionate, family-focussed team work closely with family members of the deceased to ensure the cremation process streamlined. We carefully monitor everything in the process and assist you to plan a memorial or funeral service, apply on your behalf for the death certificate.


Our Cremation Service include:


  • Transfer of your loved one using our Professional Care Services
  • Mortuary Care & Preparation
  • Professional Fees
  • Sydney Crematorium Fees for a Monday-Friday service and chapel booking
  • An Australian made coffin from our catalogue
  • Floral arrangement for the coffin
  • 12 Reflection Roses
  • Hearse Hire
  • 100 Memorial or “Thank You” cards
  • Registration of Death Certificate with Death, Birth & Marriages
  • Standard Ashes Urn
  • Ashes Handover. **Local Delivery can be made available.


Cremation Memorial Choice:


Cremation is a popular choice in Australia, with over 65% of the population choosing cremation. Cremation process takes place before or after a funeral service. Family of the deceased must decide to hold the formal funeral OR memorial service, with the deceased body in a casket before the cremation process begins or after the body is cremated with the ashes. The funeral service after cremation is a good choice for families who need more funeral planning time.


We at Sincere Funerals can help you plan a highly personalized cremation memorial service that must reflect the character and life of your loved one.

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